Cash for Damaged car

We pay on the spot cash for any damaged or rusty cars which can procure with little repair or maintenance. We can work something out to give you the best deal with us

Cash for old car

When you need to sell your old car then look nowhere as we are here to buy any make or model of old or new cars.

Cash for a used car

Find the true value of your used car with us. We are offering cash for used car without any hassle. Get paid instantly, without any delay and stress.

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How We Work

Want to get rid of your old car or ready for an upgrade to a brand new car, but don't know how to start? If you are looking for someone used car buyer who can buy your car by providing you cash then you have many options but no one can beat Local car buyer . For that you need to keep a few things in consideration while selling the vehicle.


Do not go straight with your old and rusty car for sale instead of this fixing the minor issues can help you to get cash for second hand cars. Also, prepare all the documents before putting it on sale.


Any location! we offer cash for car in Australia and surrounding suburbs so do not worry about the location. At the moment we are covering all the main cities with 100% customer satisfaction.

Required information

When you come to us to sell your used car or fill our quote form, we just require the exact details of your vehicle so that we can offer you a quick price. We can also fix a quick inspection of your vehicle at your convenience.

Quick call

Just make a quick call, one call that will take your old car away. No hassle and no more wait to sell your used car or any other vehicle. Our customer service is 24/7 ready to support you in order to sell your car and get cash for used cars.

Sell your old car with complete peace of mind at Local car buyer!

Are you tired of looking at your old car for sale? Need to sell the used car quickly? Yes, you are in the right place to sell your car after using years and do not need it anymore. We at Local car buyer have a completely professional team who will work in a way to buy your vehicle as quick as possible. All the paperwork will be done at our end so that our client won’t face any problem. We always make sure to take all the hassle out of selling your old car.
“Local car buyer” is a popular online platform where you can turn your old car into instant cash. We will look up to your car’s specifications before buying, such as the make, model, year, mileage etc. We are used car buyer and have a highly proactive mechanics with us who always strive to improve and compete to lead ahead by purchasing the old and used cars. We also believe in deals that benefit all the car owners making good money by selling the used vehicle.

The most easier and quicker used car buyer in Australia

It seems like a tricky process but nowadays it is more convenient to get online prices for your car for sale. A licenced and trustworthy car buyer like Local car buyer can make this process more comfortable and quicker. Just take a small step ahead and make a quick call to us, rest will be our job.

How Can You Communicate Us or ask "sell my old car"
You can communicate with us via emails, SMS, Calling to our landline phone or mobile numbers, our website. Once you call us, our representative will soon get in touch with you to solve your queries. We buy all types of vehicles whether registered or not and pay you on the spot.

    We provide our customers with courtesy cash for car services that include:
  • On the spot cash
  • Acceptance of all make, model and year’s car, trucks, Vans, SUV,Caravan, boats etc.
  • Free inspection
  • We are covering all areas including Brisbane and Ipswich etc.
  • Ready to buy vehicles 24 hours a day
  • Provides all the paperwork for free
  • Quick response as our customer service is active all day.

    How do we work for cash for used cars?

    The procedure is now much easier to sell your old or used cars. A great deal at Local car buyer can save your time and efforts and get instant cash.

    • The moment when you decide to sell your car and get in touch with us, we will respond quickly by offering you our free quotation based on your car details.
    • We make sure by doing a complete mechanic check or inspection before buying any car, truck or other vehicles.
    • It is always good to share a transparent price in exchange for your used cars. Our final price is always based on the condition of your car.
    • After completing all the legal documentation we will get the key and left you with unbeatable cash for second hand cars.
    • Get a satisfactory price for your car that is sitting in your backyard with no use. It can be utilized in a good manner.


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